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Learn how you can incentivize exchanges with ReturnLogic's new Bonus Credit! Learn more.

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Give Shoppers The Freedom to Return Items The Way They Want

Give your shoppers the ultimate post-purchase experience with hassle-free and self-service returns.

Make the returns experience a breeze.

  • 8 out of 10 online shoppers would say goodbye to a retailer after a bad returns experience – which means a single bad returns experience can lead to churn and a lost customer – for life.
  • Your return policy is a low-hanging fruit for revenue retention and improving customer lifetime value.
  • Use ReturnLogic to give shoppers the post-purchase experience they want so that customers buy more and return less.

Save the sale & reduce refunds with exchanges.

Let your shoppers quickly exchange for something similar or introduce them to something new from your product catalog to upsell. You can even give shoppers bonus credit so they don’t choose a refund.

Returns optimization

Make your
post-purchase experience memorable.

Shoppers buy more from brands they trust. Make sure your post-purchase experience feels like an extension of your brand so shoppers keep coming back for more.

Build lifetime customer loyalty
& trust.

Impress your shoppers with a hassle-free returns experience and retain them for a lifetime.

Ready to transform the way your team manages returns?

Speak to a returns specialist to see if you’re a good fit!

Shopper Exchanges: See how an ecommerce exchange workflow works.

Trusted by 1000+ brands

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The customer now has a chance to add another item in their cart while making an exchange. It’s a brilliant idea. Thank you for considering that, and for helping us grow our sales.
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Your shoppers need….

Shoppers need help finding the right size, color, and quality.

A return means a customer ALMOST got what they wanted – make sure they do. With ReturnLogic, shoppers can return the item they want and find the item they need all in a click. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure your inventory stays up to date along the way.

Shoppers need convenience.

ReturnLogic is the only platform that lets shoppers choose between exchanges, store credit, refunds, gift returns, and warranties. When shoppers have options, they’re able to choose what works best for them. Giving shoppers the choices they want keeps them around for a lifetime.

Shoppers need to know your brand is consistent. 

A return should feel like any other touchpoint with your brand. Put another way, a return is an opportunity to interact with shoppers and change a negative experience into a positive one.