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How much do returns cost you?

Managing returns can be expensive. Use our free calculator to determine how much you spend on manually managing ecommerce returns.

Calculate how much your returns cost
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Don’t think returns are a problem? See how much they’re costing you.

Calculate how much returns are costing me.
Estimated number of returns annually
Average time spent to process a return:
Minutes per return
Average support or warehouse staff hourly rate:
Per hour
Average shipping label cost:
Per return label
Your annual estimated cost of managing returns: 55000 annual returns

ReturnLogic helps you
protect your profits

Ecommerce stores that use ReturnLogic to automate and optimize their returns can now focus on growing their business instead of wasting valuable time and resources on managing their returns.

Average Percentage
Decrease in Refunds


Average Time Saved Per Return


Average Amount Saved Per Return


Key return metrics

Ready to manage and reduce your returns?

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“ReturnLogic takes a lot of extra work off me and helps me focus more on our customers. I love looking at analytics and love that all the information is at my fingertips.”

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Director of Operations, Darn Good Yarn

You should schedule time if:

You want to make returns easier for shoppers and your team.

You want to reduce refunds and optimize your return rate.

You want to learn why returns are happening.

You want to know what returns challenges are headed your way as you scale.

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