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returns automation

Return automation icon with yellow first stepFor Customer Support Teams

Your time is valuable – get it back!

Customer Support teams can automate manual tasks, streamline returns, cut down on emails, and improve processing time.

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Automate your workload, not your customer experience

Automate your workload, not your customer experience.

  • The average return takes 15 minutes to manually process
  • The average manual return has 10 different touchpoints
  • The longer a return takes to process, the less likely it is get back in supply
returns automation for customer support teams

Customer support teams want their
time back.

Shoppers want the right item quickly. Your team needs to be able to keep up without burning out. With ReturnLogic, your customer support team won’t need to spend hours emailing shoppers and copying + pasting every return into a spreadsheet. Your team stays happy and productive, reducing turnover.

Customer support teams want easy returns tools.

Automate the steps you want and choose the steps you want to get your team involved with. Want to automatically process exchanges but not refunds? Easy. Want to automatically flag a return so your team can review it? No problem – set up an automation that works for you.

Customer support teams want easy returns tools
Customer support teams want to fly through their tasks

Customer support teams want to fly through their tasks.

Returns have a lot of touchpoints and, by extension, a lot of data. Process returns faster and save your team from entering data in multiple places. Make sure your data flows between all your tools and finally have a single source of truth for your returned inventory.

Ready to transform the way your team handles returns?

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Instead of 40 hours a week, our employee now goes into the super user-friendly software, clicks a couple of buttons and returns & exchanges are complete in under an hour a day. The time savings for us while using ReturnLogic is very significant to our company, to be able to use those resources elsewhere.
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