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For Warehouse & Operations Teams

Be the operations expert of all returns inventory
and shipping.

Warehouse and Ops teams need visibility to track dispositions, stay on top of inventory levels,
and know the status of every return.

Gain visibility to when,
where, and how your products move.

Warehouse and operations teams can finally be on the same page. Get a bird’s eye view of all returned inventory, shipments, and everything happening in the reverse supply chain.

Returns visibility for warehouse and operations teams

Warehouse & operations teams want to know the status of every return.

Returns can be messy, complicated, and slow. Items have to make their way back to your warehouse, get their disposition checked, and ultimately be restocked or liquidated. Without visibility into what’s happening along the way, warehouse teams are flying blind and ops managers don’t have a pulse on what’s going on.

Warehouse & operations teams want to stay in the loop.

Returns bounce from one team to the next. Without every team member being able to see each update, information slips through the cracks, and customers can be stuck wondering where their return is.

Warehouse & operations teams want to be more efficient.

Returns are an opportunity to impress shoppers, but making returns easy is just half the battle. Shoppers want their expectations met and their items back quickly. Make sure your warehouse and ops team know every chokepoint in your reverse supply chain. 

Ready to transform the way your team manages returns?

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What used to take 10 minutes now takes less than a minute. It’s really easy to work with our warehouse team within ReturnLogic. Especially if we are working from different locations. I can quickly see what they have done and that’s very helpful.
Jofit ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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