Case Study

goodr Sees Warranty Returns In A Brand-New Light

goodr doesn’t just make sunglasses. goodr makes no slip, no bounce, all polarized, all fun sunglasses. With goodr's 1-year warranty policy and a busy summer season - their team turned to ReturnLogic to automate warranty returns.

Company Overview

What started off as sunglasses for runners has evolved into fun, fashionable, functional, and ‘ffordable sunglasses for gamers, cyclists, and everyone – you name it. What makes goodr stand out?

In a world full of uniformity, the goodr brand prides itself on its unique culture and being recklessly committed to fun. For example, when first interviewing, Ashley Craft, Head of Customer Service at goodr says interviewees are asked to sketch a drawing of an octopus fighting a pirate. It’s no wonder why they were named one of INC’s best places to work. 

What else sets goodr apart?

Their 30-day free returns policy and 1-year warranty program. A friendly return policy and a warranty program are game-changers for building a brand, driving loyalty, increasing repeat purchases, and ultimately improving customer lifetime value. However, those benefits can also introduce some challenges, which led goodr to look for a tool to automate their warranty returns.

goodr warranty return policy

Life Before ReturnLogic

Before ReturnLogic, Ashley, and a team of 6-8 staff members would have to manually track and log every warranty request. A shopper would email into their help desk (Zendesk), and a service rep would then have to respond, log it, communicate with the customer, update the order in their ERP (NetSuite) and ultimately solve the shopper’s problem.

On average goodr processes 3,000-5,000 warranty returns a month during the summer season. At one point, employees at goodr were so bogged down from processing warranties that they had to hire a co-worker’s spouse to help handle the laborious and manual workload. 

This tedious process was cumbersome and became a chokehold as the goodr business grew. It was clear it was time for a change.

goodr warranty automation

Moving Forward with a Robust Returns Management Platform

Ashley was approached by a higher-up and asked, “what’s the biggest problem you have?” The answer was easy. Ashley responded, “warranties.”

After reviewing her budget, Ashley set out to find a tool to automate warranties. A co-worker recommended ReturnLogic – the only returns management tool that handles exchanges, store credit, refunds, warranties, and third-party warranties, all in one platform.

Once ReturnLogic was implemented, goodr had two primary goals: Make warranties easy for shoppers, easy for their customer service team, and cut down on manual labor.

To start, goodr shoppers no longer need to manually email in and file a return through Zendesk. They can simply head to goodr’s website, navigate to their warranty page, and initiate a warranty claim on their own.

Instead of requiring a rep to email back and forth while manually logging each warranty, Ashley and her team get notified on the back end when new warranty claims come in and can automate the entire process.

Not only that, goodr can automatically enforce its warranty policy and ensure legitimate requests are coming through. That way, the customer service team isn’t forced to spend time trying to look up when the order was placed, if it was in the 1-year window, and if they qualify for a replacement.