Case Study

JOLYN Increases Return Process Efficiency by 900%, Increased Store Credit Requests to 30%, and Slashes Customer Support Emails in Less Than 90 Days

JOLYN is a California-based brand that specializes in swimsuits and workout apparel for women. The company equips individuals and teams across the globe, having store presence on 4 different continents. And with the perfect blend of performance and unique designs, JOLYN never ceases to electrify the athlete within all of their customers. But what wasn’t as stimulated was the returns process, until JOLYN found their lane with ReturnLogic.

Business Challenges

Lack of visibility throughout the RMA process left JOLYN with little control over the timeliness of returns. Before implementing ReturnLogic, RMAs could sit anywhere from a week to 2 weeks before being completed. JOLYN customers and employees alike were frustrated with the process.

As a result, Customer Service representatives were flooded with emails regarding returns, an estimated 60% to 70% of incoming messages and support tickets. They wanted to remove this friction and give their customers a simple and streamlined flow for processing their returns.

Returns Management Goals When Starting ReturnLogic:

  1. Reduce RMA Processing Time
  2. Decrease the Number of Emails Regarding Returns
  3. Improve Customer Experience 
  4. Improve Store Credit to Refund Rate

Greater Operational Visibility

During onboarding they shared that their goal was to reduce their RMA processing time from 1-2 weeks to 1 week or less. 

Since they work with a 3PL, decreasing processing time isn’t an easy undertaking. In switching returns management platforms, they were seeking greater visibility in the operations. Visibility is key to optimizing operational workflows and that is what they found inside ReturnLogic.

Increased Store Credit Requests by 10%

Kelly says that “On our old returns app, we had an average of 80% choosing refund and 20% choosing store credit. We are now at 70% refund and 30% store credit after a short time with ReturnLogic.”

Slashed Customer Support Emails

Kelly adds “Emails from customers asking about the status of their return are virtually inexistent. Customers are able to request a return seamlessly with an awesome, customizable, and easy to use and understand customer interface.”

Improved RMA Processing Time by 900%

Kelly continues “We have only been with Return Logic for about 3 months now and our processing time averages 1.5 days, incredible.”

This reduction means that the return experience as a whole is shorter for the customer, and JOLYN can restock inventory far sooner than before. A 100% win-win scenario. This leads to happier customers and less inventory locked up in transit.

The Verdict

ReturnLogic was able to give JOLYN’s team the visibility they desperately needed into their reverse logistics flow. Armed with this information they’re better able to hold their 3PL accountable on the status of their returned items. Since the team is no longer bogged down from handling returns-related tickets they’re now freed to spend their time on more impactful work. And increasing the store credit means more retained revenue as a result of the automated returns process. And just like its fanbase, JOLYN is determined to keep pushing.

Now that the process is under control, JOLYN wants to leverage returns data to understand product attributes or customer behaviours that may be driving returns. It is common for swim or athletic attire to be on the smaller side, but using comments provided from customers, JOLYN and ReturnLogic hope to find specific items or areas for advancement. All while continuously examining operations to deliver the best products and experiences for their shoppers.