Case Study

Squid Socks saves hours per week and dramatically reduces customer complaints.

We recently caught up with Staci Pesce, the Operations Manager of Squid Socks, to check on her progress with ReturnLogic.

Squid Socks revolutionized baby socks by adding “squiddy dots” so the socks actually stay on babies’ feet.

The brand was founded by husband-and-wife duo, Gabe and Jessica, who realized while visiting family that kid’s socks simply do not remain in place.

But unlike their signature socks, Squid Socks’ previous returns process lacked stability and cohesiveness. That is, until the company found a solution that sticks, with ReturnLogic.

Business Challenges Before ReturnLogic

Before partnering with ReturnLogic in 2020, the Squid Socks team used a returns app to manage returns.

She states that the returns app essentially just provided her with a spreadsheet of returns that had been requested. Staci was forced to keep notes both within the returns app and Shopify to stay on top of everything.

In addition, Staci recalls that the link to start a return did not work many times. As a result, she often had to manually create returns within Shopify.

Staci also cites that the returns app had no true exchange process. If a customer wished to exchange a product, she had to start the return and create the new order herself.

And lastly, the returns app previously used by the Squid Socks team lacked integration to Shopify inventory. This means that if Staci wished to restock a returned product into the store’s inventory count, she had to manually do so through Shopify.

All in all, the returns app simply did not stick with Squid Socks.

Success with ReturnLogic

Staci appreciates that everything she needs for returns is centralized within ReturnLogic. She no longer has to toggle between her returns management solution, Shopify, and her own records to properly handle a return.

Staci loves that exchanges are built right in. Customers can select the product they wish to receive, and the draft order is automatically created.

She says that the lists and statuses within the platform make it much easier for her to stay organized and task-focused.

On top of that, the automation and integration to Shopify inventory provided by ReturnLogic reduce a lot of human error that used to be present.

Better Customer Experience

Ecommerce is not just about selling great products, it’s also about creating an experience that will inspire customers to shop again.

And, as the Squid Socks team has discovered, a return does not have to be a downfall of the customer experience.

Staci says that she used to receive regular complaints from customers about returns. But since partnering with ReturnLogic, that is a thing of the past.

The returns experience is now more branded, professional, and customer-friendly.

Before ReturnLogic

Before implementing ReturnLogic, the Squid Socks team was bogged down by manual tasks and lack of integration. Returns were a poor experience for team members and customers, alike.

After ReturnLogic

Since partnering with ReturnLogic, the Squid Socks team has enjoyed a more streamlined return process with far fewer manual tasks. And customers are taking notice!

A solution that sticks.

Return management is almost never the top priority of an ecommerce brand, but returns are deeply engrained in the operations and customer experience of a business.

Much like socks on a youngster, the previous returns app just could not keep up with the Squid Socks team.

With ReturnLogic, Staci and the rest of the team have found a more efficient returns process and a better experience for their customers.