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Fewer Returns, Happier Customers, and More Profits

Unlock answers to your biggest returns
questions with data and returns analytics.

returns optimization and analytics

Returns optimization

Know who your most profitable shoppers are.

Go beyond comparing yourself to industry averages. Discover powerful analytics that validate what returns processes and strategies are best for YOUR business.

Return Rate Optimization

Find out who your most profitable customers are.

Returns analytics drive predictable profitability & outcomes.

SKU level insights

Identify specific return reasons including sizing, quality, and defects for products and their variants.

Category analysis

Uncover informative trends across
product groupings.

Customer scoring

Find out who your underperforming and best-performing customers are.

Returns impact

Get important high-level metrics that show you the true financial impact of returns on
your business

Exportable data

Downloadable returns data are available in CSV, JSON, and EXCEL formats.

Actionable insights

Explore detailed feedback from your shoppers to make immediate changes to reduce your return rate and boost customer retention.

Answer what to fix & where to focus.

Do I have the most profitable return policy? Are my partners following SLAs? How can I get underperforming shoppers to buy again? The only way to answer these questions is with your returns data.

Accurately measure customer lifetime value.

You can’t accurately measure customer lifetime value without returns data. Use that data to focus on giving your most valuable shoppers the best returns experience.

Using warranty data to protect retailer profits

Know how you’re doing.

Want to know how you stack up against the competition? Returns aren’t something to be compared in public benchmark reports. You want to know how you’re doing and where you can improve. We’re here to help show you how.

Our customers love it. They like the ability to start a return on their own, and not have to go back-and-forth with us. We used to get weekly or even daily complaints about returns. Now we don’t get any. Even visually, it’s much better for our customers.
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