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Simplify Returns,
For Everyone.

Make returns a breeze for support teams

Keep your warehouse and operations teams up to date

Improve retention, margins, and profitability

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With ReturnLogic, you have the tools you need to manage your returns process at every level – all in one place.

returns automation for teams


Yellow arrow point in upper right cornerFor customer support teams.

Cut down on emails, avoid frustrated shoppers, and keep your customer support team happy.

Returns software Visibility for Teams


Green arrow point in upper right cornerFor warehouse & operations teams.

Make sure your team knows the exact status, condition, and location of every return.

Returns optimization for managers and executives


Purple arrow point in upper right cornerFor managers & executives.

Find out how much returns are impacting your bottom line – and what you can do about it.


Ready to transform the way your team handles returns?

Talk to a returns specialist to see if you’re a good fit!

Help your team
manage returns, together.

We’re here to guide you.

Customer Support
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Customer Support Teams

Give your customer support team a break, and let customers take care of returns all on their own with a customized returns center.

Automation >>
Warehouse & Operations
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Warehouse & Operation Teams

Make sure your warehouse and operation team knows the exact status, condition, and location of every return.

Visibility >>
Executives & Management
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Executives & Management Teams

Help your management team to get insights on how much returns are impacting your bottom line – and what can be done about it.

Data + Reporting >>

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protect your profits.

Average Percentage Decrease in Refunds


Average Time Saved For Each Return


Average Amount Saved For Each Return


Return logic displaying key metrics results.
We had a lot of back and forth with customers trying to figure out the perfect size… Each one I had to manually field. If someone wanted to exchange an item, that would be a phone call and several direct emails. It took a lot of time and a lot of work on the back end.
Groove Life ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Ready to simplify your returns management?

See for yourself why 1000+ ecommerce brands trust ReturnLogic to manage their returns.

Manage ecommerce returns with a return management software
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